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Start: Feb 7th 2010
Finish: Nov 4th 2012

Daily Stuff:
1. try to brush teeth every night before I go to sleep
2. write down something I really liked that day every day
3. get a piggy bank and save my small change
4. clean my appartement regularly ^^;

5. smile at Schnittchen once a day
6. give Schnittchen a long massage
7. go to a restaurant with Schnittchen and pay
8. buy or make 10 unexpected gifts for Schnittchen (0/10)
9. take photos in a photobox with Schnittchen
10. prove my honey that I really love him
11. give Schnittchen all his money back half is done
12. be engaged

13. drink 900 bottles of water, tea or juice (5/900)
14. weigh 65kg
15. go for 40 walks (4/40)
16. stretch 3times a week
17. take antidepressants
18. find a therapist
19. eat healthy for at least two weeks (no wheat flour, sweets just once a week, no meat)
20. dye my hair (red?)
21. get a pedicure
22. go swimming at least 40 times (0/40)
23. get my teeth done
24. build up muscles in my legs
25. get whiter teeth

26. knit Sandra's bolero
27. make at least one faved or queued project on Ravelry (2/23)
28. make a curtain for my door will replace this
29. do crochet-by-numbers
30. knit one pair of socks
31. finish that cross stitching that freaks me out
32. finish my knitted dress
33. knit pillow cases
34. make more stuff for DaWanda (try at least to add one product per month)

35. complete "26 things" (2/26)
36. leave 15 Operation Beautiful notes (0/15)
37. watch all episodes from "Georgie" (5/45)
38. complete 40 actions on wearewhatwedo.com (13/40)
39. start collecting postcards (again) and try to have 50 in total (0/50)
40. have 2000 journal entries (1369/2000)

41. fix my Youtube playlists
42. make a list of my read books and watched movies
43. post to [livejournal.com profile] in_my_purse
44. send 46 postcards at Postcrossing (o/46)

45. make friends on my own
46. go outside once a month and hang out with friends (1/23)
47. have a penpal
48. invite friends for hanging out (4/30)
49. give at least 10 random gifts to people I like
50. ask Momi to give me her Hefepüfferchen recipe
51. call Momi and tell her that I love her
52. write letters to Momi, Opa E, Gisela and Lauren
53. send Christmas cards
54. visit my friends in Hamburg
55. for every goal I didn't achieve do someone a favour

56. eat something different than "Turkey, Ham and Bacon Melt" at Subway 4times (0/4)
57. make a gingerbread house for Christmas
58. make my own liqueur
59. make my own marmalade

Places/Things to see:
60. go to at least one museum
61. go to Wacken 2010
62. go to Leipzig Zoo
63. go to Hagen
64. visit an amusement park
65. spend a night at a disco
66. go to North Sea or Baltic Sea and spend at least one day there
67. see Alice Cooper in Wacken, no matter if it's going to kill me

To learn:
68. learn some French or Russian
69. if I get that job training, learn to play the guitar
70. learn the Thriller dance
71. learn to do the splits (if this will ever work)
72. learn to drive a car
73. learn 15 songs by heart (0/15)
74. learn to juggle

75. get a PS3
76. buy at least 10 things from my Amazon wishlist (1/10)
77. get another piercing or tattoo (or both ^^)
78. own 30 pairs of earrings (19/30)
79. buy sexy underwear
80. buy a moon cup
81. buy a new toilet seat
82. buy a fragrance light
83. get a cat from the shelter done on Feb 8th, 2010

84. dance "Carnival of the Animals" with kids at work
85. get a job training
86. have a side job

Other Things:
87. donate blood I'm not allowed to.
88. see fireflies
89. get an organ donor card (again)
90. get Nettie a boyfriend
91. make a plan for cleaning my appartement
92. play "Legend of Zelda . Ocarina of Time" alone and complete it
93. get drunk, and I mean real drunk
94. organize my important documents
95. read "Sturmhöhe"
96. go to church more often
97. go to dance class, choir or something like that
98. participate in "Weihnachten im Schuhkarton"
99. take any class
100. win NaNoWriMo
101. watch a movie in 3D (Alice in Wonderland?) done on Feb 7th, 2010

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