Ees is outside again because Andre didn't close the window. He'll come back when he's hungry. I bet he'll bring his friend. He's always with this grey tabby cute cat. ^^

Maybe I'll meet Jörg later, admirer nr 2. He's so nice. ^^ Have to write him a mail.

Yesterday Ralf made greek salad with tiny noodles and garlic and so. And vinegar, I think. -.-
Later I met [ profile] bennotfound and [ profile] x_xchocofrog. It was such a wonderful day. ^^ Aside from the thunder storm. I'm scard of those. >.<
When I get money we can go to the Dungeon. ;o)
Oh, and thanks for the coffee. ^^ (not just a sugar junkie, caffeine, too)

Just 4 days left. Enough time to get me a birthday present. *hrhr*

Gerdi, your books arrived two days ago. ^^ Finished "Die Welle" yesterday.
"Der Lanzenschmied" has to wait, Benjamin will borrow me Wolves of the Calla. Marco has all books of this series (which I adore), but we split up before I could finish them.
Those books are so great!

I have to sew a lot and it sucks. I don't want to. I don't even have the money to send the stuff.
Yesterday I made a pillow for my neck, but it turned out too big. So I gave it to Andre. *g* I used that orange-cloth for the one side and blue fish-cloth for the other.

No I'll try to write a bit for [ profile] augno. I must be crazy...
Tonight we're gonna have a Harry Potter movie night. It means we try to get every movie we can get on DVD and watch it tonight. We're weird...

Today we ordered pizza. And chicken wings. And burgers. And country potatoes. Now we're sick and there's much food left.

I'm downloading Lion King and Hercules in finnish. I'm curious how it sounds.

Tomorrow I'll start reading "Much ado about nothing", though I didn't finish "Othello" yet. Andre affirms I'm Shakespeare-addicted, but that's not true. :oP

Oh, and I need to continue plotting my fairy-story.

(Did I miss anybody's birthday? I'm sure it was somebody's birthday...)
Got up at 7am. I'm not used to that anymore. ;o)

Went to the Federal Employment Office. And the new woman is much better than the other one I used to go to.
I've been waiting there for 1 1/2h. Wow. And then I got an appointment at 11:30. So I went to town and bought a new book because I finished "Girl" while waiting. Das Lächeln des Harlekin. Didn't read much of it yet.
Then I went to Schweinske for a Schweini and a coke. Yummy. ^^
Afterwards I went back to Federal Employment Office aka FEO. And guess who I met on my way! Denny. O.O It's a small world. ;o) We had a little chat, just for a little while because of my appointment.

At FEO everything went fine. ^^

Now I'm fucking tired and my back hurts.

After Emergency Room I'll wash the dishes.

By the way, I'm in need of new icons.
Seit gestern abend plagen mich starke Halsschmerzen, meine Nase ist ein bisschen zu und ein klein wenig Husten hab ich auch. Aber die Halsschmerzen sind am schlimmsten. Aber ich wette, dass ich auch diesmal wieder nicht richtig krank werde.
Hab mir jetzt einen heißen Kakao mit viel Honig gemacht. Vielleicht wird's dann etwas.
Sperma hab ich ja leider nicht da. (Schatz, ich hab letztens noch einen zeitungsausschnitt dazu gesehen.)

Ich höre mir jetzt endlich, dank [ profile] missnightmare, Harry Potter an. Ich möchte mal versuchen nachzuvollziehen, was ihr daran alle so toll findet. ;o)

Ich habe mir gestern ein Buch ausgeliehen: Hexenfeuer. Hab's in einem Rutsch durchgelesen, ging angenehm fix. War auch sehr gut zu lesen. Wen's interessiert, dem kann ich den Inhalt noch genauer beschreiben, falls er denkt sich das mal zu besorgen.
Ich bring das dann nachher wieder zurück. Und hol mir was neues. Büchereien sind was Feines. ^^
Ich würde sooo gern noch einmal Minona und der schwarze Tod lesen. Sie sollen hier sogar ein Exemplar davon haben, aber fragt sich nur in welcher Filiale. Ich kann ja mal fragen.

Na toll, vom Kakao krieg ich noch mehr Halsschmerzen, aber lecker ist er.

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