Geez, I'm bored to death.

I have to sew a black unicorn bag, but I'm even too bored to do that. And my hands are fucking cold.

Because of [ profile] x_xchocofrog and [ profile] bennotfound I want a new piercing now. Lip or so. Or nose. *hrhr* No, better not. But I'd love to have one more. A second tongue piercing would be great, too. Once I've seen a girl with three piercings in her tongue.

Ees is so cute. ^^ Half of the day he spent laying on my chest, snoozing. Aw. ^^

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(I know I showed this already.)

I'm boooooored. :o(
I even finished the cap (and it's too small...).

Haha, I could watch Rocky Horror Picture Show again. *g* Or Men in Tights. Yeah. Or whatever.

Entertain me, please.
Ees is outside again because Andre didn't close the window. He'll come back when he's hungry. I bet he'll bring his friend. He's always with this grey tabby cute cat. ^^

Maybe I'll meet Jörg later, admirer nr 2. He's so nice. ^^ Have to write him a mail.

Yesterday Ralf made greek salad with tiny noodles and garlic and so. And vinegar, I think. -.-
Later I met [ profile] bennotfound and [ profile] x_xchocofrog. It was such a wonderful day. ^^ Aside from the thunder storm. I'm scard of those. >.<
When I get money we can go to the Dungeon. ;o)
Oh, and thanks for the coffee. ^^ (not just a sugar junkie, caffeine, too)

Just 4 days left. Enough time to get me a birthday present. *hrhr*

Gerdi, your books arrived two days ago. ^^ Finished "Die Welle" yesterday.
"Der Lanzenschmied" has to wait, Benjamin will borrow me Wolves of the Calla. Marco has all books of this series (which I adore), but we split up before I could finish them.
Those books are so great!

I have to sew a lot and it sucks. I don't want to. I don't even have the money to send the stuff.
Yesterday I made a pillow for my neck, but it turned out too big. So I gave it to Andre. *g* I used that orange-cloth for the one side and blue fish-cloth for the other.

No I'll try to write a bit for [ profile] augno. I must be crazy...
Awwwww! That's too cute! ^^ My two men are lying on the couch, asleep.

Ees has a lot of ticks. Honey has to remove them later because I can't do it.
I counted 6 ticks so far, without searching for them, just on his head!

Today my first post crosing card arrived. ^^ From California. Years ago I longed to go there one day. It must be a wonderful place.
Die Nanny
Phillipe: "Teebeutel!"
Max: "Froschfresser!"
Phillipe: "Das einzig Gute, das je aus Ihrem Land gekommen ist, ist Andrew Lloyd Webber!"

Ees ist wieder da. Richtig bewusst wurde mir das heute morgen, als ich aufstand und über ihn stolperte. *g*
Gestern nacht, als wir schon im Bett waren, saß er draußen und hat Krach gemacht. Hab ihn dann auch sehr einfach einfangen können. Dann haben wir ihn noch sauber gemacht, weil sein Fell ganz schmutzig war. Toll fand er das nicht. *g*

Wir sind jetzt auf Diät. Wünscht uns Erfolg, wir werden's brauchen.
Ees didn't came back today yet...

Und du?
Das war ja süß! ^^ Es schläfttief und fest und hat grad mit der Pfote durch die Luft gewedelt.
Ich hab die süßeste Katze der Welt. ;o) Na gut, den Platz teilt er sich mit Salem, Hanky und Keesha.
*lol* Das sieht einfach niedlich aus. Jetzt bräuchte ich eine Videokamera. Er wackelt mit der Nase. ^^
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Das darf nicht wahr sein. Die Katze ist schon wieder weg....
Because [ profile] lost_me has never seen Ees.

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