Geez, I'm bored to death.

I have to sew a black unicorn bag, but I'm even too bored to do that. And my hands are fucking cold.

Because of [ profile] x_xchocofrog and [ profile] bennotfound I want a new piercing now. Lip or so. Or nose. *hrhr* No, better not. But I'd love to have one more. A second tongue piercing would be great, too. Once I've seen a girl with three piercings in her tongue.

Ees is so cute. ^^ Half of the day he spent laying on my chest, snoozing. Aw. ^^

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(I know I showed this already.)

I'm boooooored. :o(
I even finished the cap (and it's too small...).

Haha, I could watch Rocky Horror Picture Show again. *g* Or Men in Tights. Yeah. Or whatever.

Entertain me, please.

Das Bild für meinen neuen Perso.
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four more kitty pics )
my beadwork
Because [ profile] lost_me has never seen Ees.

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recently crawled out of my coffin )

Aaah, breakfast. ^^
Yesterday Marco and I ordered a biiig pizza and I wasn't able to eat everything. Why do I love to put food from one day ago into the microwave oven and have it for breakfast?

Later I'm gonna meet Berger. If he didn't forget.

The thing is still asleep.

I do have weird dreams lately...
Heute war letzter, alelrletzter Schultag. *schnüff* Wir haben Frühstück gemacht, war sehr lecker. Und ich hab zum ersten mal Lachs probiert. Schmeckt fischig. *g* Nichts für mich.

Holger hat ganz viele Fotos gemacht. Hier sind ein paar: )

Ich werd's echt vermissen. :o(
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800. *spam*

Feb. 2nd, 2006 03:35 pm
Hehe, that's fun... *loves her cam*

to Fussel )
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797. pics

Feb. 2nd, 2006 01:26 pm
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because Fussel once wanted to see them ;o) )
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